Fixing Column Span Issues in IE7 With Dojo

I’m currently working on a Dojo/Dijit based web application.  The HTML for this app is very minimal: just a div tag that is used as a connection point.  The rest of the HTML is generated on the fly by the Dijit libraries.

Here is an example:

var table = new dojox.layout.TableContainer({
    cols: 2,
    spacing: "5px"
    new dijit.form.TextBox({
        id: "textbox", 
        name: "textbox", 
        label: "Text Box:", 
        title: "Enter your text here!",
        colspan: 2

In most browsers this works just fine, but I’ve had several problems related to Internet Explorer 7.  One of these is that column spanning doesn’t work the way it should in tables.  This is happening because IE7 uses the attribute “colSpan” to set the column span on a TD element.  However, all the other browsers I test with use “colspan”.  (Notice the capitalization!)  The Dijit code is building the HTML by modifying the dom nodes directly instead of using the innerHtml attribute.  This means that it is calling code that looks like this:

element.colspan = x;

When it needs to be calling code like this:

element.colSpan = x;

To get around this I used the dojo.query method to get a list of all elements with a colspan attribute and then set the colSpan attribute to match here.

Here is my fix:

dojo.addOnLoad(function() {
    if(dojo.isIE > 0) {"Fixing IE colSpan issue.");
        // Fix colSpan attributes
        dojo.forEach(dojo.query("[colspan]"), function(tag) {
            tag["colSpan"] = tag.colspan;  

This fix isn’t needed for IE 8 or IE 9, but it doesn’t hurt to leave the code in for those as well. You could change the if condition to check for dojo.isIE > 0 && dojo.isIE < 8 if you don’t want to run the code on IE 8 or newer.

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